CA State Lifeguard Gear was created after the Malibu Coast Surf Lifesaving Association lost their entire uniform inventory due to the Woolsey fire in November of 2018.  While we knew that the upcoming summer was right around the corner, the year was a frantic attempt to get both our association and lifeguarding organization back on its feet.  Our core group of lifeguards have always been willing to put in the work no matter the situation, and this year was no different, but the basic necessities proved to be harder to come by due to the circumstances.

 After working for the state parks as seasonal guards for more than 10 years and handling the orders and designing of shirts, we’ve noticed an issue with obtaining uniform items, either it be, missing the mass order at the beginning of the season or your local association not having the item you wanted.  This website brings some order to the chaos of looking your best and taking care of your body when summer is on. Through a catalog of stored inventory and the use of the amazon affiliate network, we will be able to supply your clothing and sun protection needs with products that work as well as with regulation uniform items to keep our supervisors happy.   All the while using a streamlined process to keep you in communication with your specific local organization and keeping costs down.

We all share the same goal; to keep the public safe.  Let us make your job easier by handling the small things, and making sure you’re geared to SAVE THE BABY!